a support mechanism for early stage companies


Why struggle with operational headaches when you should be focused on building your new business? Though each start-up company is unique, entrepreneurs face similar challenges during the critical early days. One of the key challenges is to make efficient use of an entrepreneurs' time. Energy spent on internal operations takes essential time away from the development and implementation of scientific and business progress. In addition, while the entrepreneur is well aware of what needs to be accomplished, in most instances he/she may not realize the amount of detail required to make the operation hum. Venture Operations provides hands-on expertise for a variety of day-to-day and strategic issues, saving the entrepreneur valuable time and ensuring that the operational component is handled correctly from the onset.



Venture Operations serves early stage companies in all industries. Each company is unique. So is every industry. Venture Operations offers customized, hands-on service to set-up programs and solve the specific problems to keep your business operating efficiently. Starting any company is difficult. Starting companies in certain science-based or research-driven industries, can be particularly complex. In addition to standard operational components such as facilities, finances, and systems, a life-science organization, for example must find an appropriately zoned site, obtain permits, develop health and safety programs designed to keep the organization in compliance, and manage the basic on-going laboratory as well as day-to-day operations. Venture Operations can make these endeavors successful, and relatively painless.



Our primary objective is simple: to provide seasoned operational management to a new company. The goal is to run as quickly and efficiently as possible from the beginning saving money and time. The time-saving alone translates into significant cost savings as well as a competitive advantage. Furthermore, the management of the organization can focus on implementing the science and business plans, thereby moving the company along at a faster rate.


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