a support mechanism for early stage companies


Venture Operations maintains an extensive network of seasoned professionals in a wide variety of specialties, along with years of applicable experience with start-ups. We provide the entrepreneur with a sounding board regarding both day-to-day and strategic issues.


Facilities siting, design and relocation
Laboratory planning and build out
Laboratory management
Human Resources, including hiring and team building
Health/safety and other regulatory compliance
Operations planning and troubleshooting Day-to-day operational oversight
Corporate identity programs

For each and every client, we intend to provide the vision of what needs to get done operationally, while supplying the expertise and capability to put the appropriate pieces into place and make the organization run smoothly.


Venture Operations' services are provided by its principal, Pamela Girouard. For seven years prior to forming Venture Operations, Ms. Girouard was Vice President, Operations at the Massachusetts Biotechnology Research Institute (MBRI) where she designed, implemented and delivered complete operations systems to a variety of start-up companies. These programs helped entrepreneurs and seasoned executives to significantly shorten the start-up process and rapidly build their organizations in a cost-effective manner. Currently, with a strong network of professionals in a wide variety of operational specialties, Ms. Girouard brings a wealth of expertise to her clients at Venture Operations.
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